Our Quality Selection Of Automatic Case Maker
Highlights Of The Automatic Case Maker
Image Positioning System
Tri-vision image positioning and robotic arm clamping box for high precision positioning
Digital quick size adjustment
Newly designed servo and pneumatic control structure to complete carton forming and digital fast size adjustment.
New servo control rear suction type tissue flyer.
Adopting rear suction and front push paper feeding, effectively preventing double sheets and stabilizing operation.
Centralized oil supply system
Comprehensively ensure the lubrication of each part, the machine runs efficiently and stably.
Fully automated box making machine
Realize high efficiency paper feeding and non-stop conveying to ensure high speed operation of the machine.
Iconic control panel
Humanized design of full icon type control panel, easy to understand and convenient to operate.

Zhengrun case maker

Others case maker

Max size



Min spine size



Max speed



Cardboard qty



Paper thickness



Positioning error



Machine frame

Heavy duty 30mm wallboard


Our Automatic Case Maker Solutions Are Fully Customizable To Your Production Needs
Every customer has unique production requirements and may need different machine solutions for box manufacturing. Whatever the challenge or requirement, Zhengrun will rise to the occasion with our high-quality machines, customized from individual machines to complete machine lines - from semi-automatic to fully automatic.
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Qualified Services for Automatic Case Maker
Machine Warranty
Zhengrun offers a one-year warranty on your automatic case maker to help you solve the malfunctions or failures of your purchased automatic carton molding machine in the fastest and most efficient way.
Spare parts support
Our standard spare parts for automatic case maker can be shipped within 24 hours, and our large-scale, well-managed inventory system ensures that customer needs are met in a timely manner.
Retrofits and Upgrades
Zhengrun provides upgrades and modifications to the system of our automatic case maker to improve the performance and extend the service life of the automatic rigid box maker you have purchased.
Consulting Services
Zhengrun offers 24/7 customer consulting services to support and guide you through every stage of automatic case maker manufacturing.
Maintenance Services
Technical engineers are available to diagnose problems with your automatic case maker via the machine's remote connection system and can provide on-site repair services within 72 hours if necessary.
Production Support Services
Zhengrun's expert technicians provide detailed performance analysis to ensure efficient, high quality machine production, assistance and troubleshooting of your machines.


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We have the latest advanced processingequipment and international lean productionprocess, and strive to be the industry leader.

Q: What sets zhengrun apart in terms of product quality?
A: We use advanced technology and stringent quality control measures to ensure that our hard case molding machines consistently produce high quality, accurate and durable hard cases.
Q: Does the company hold any certifications or credentials that demonstrate its expertise in manufacturing hard case molding machines?
A: Yes, our company holds various certifications and qualifications, including ISO 9001 certification, which demonstrates our commitment to a quality management system. We also have a team of experienced engineers and technicians who contribute to our reputation as a trusted manufacturer.
Q: How does zhengrun provide after-sales support to our customers?
A: We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide comprehensive after-sales support. Our dedicated support team provides technical assistance, spare parts availability and training programs to ensure that our customers maximize the performance and longevity of our rigid box making machines.
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