Our History
Join Hands With Zhengrun To OpenA New Chapter On Packaging
With many years of experience in manufacturing box making machines from 1997 to present, Zhengrun has a strong ability to provide our customers with the most suitable solutions for their production. The goal of everything we do is to move our customers' businesses forward. This is another reason why we always keep up with the times.
Starting stage
Development Stage
Take-off Stage

Found Ruian Fuda(currently called Zhengrun)

Began to produce semi-auto case maker and semi-auto rigid box maker.

Semi-automatic cover machine put into production;

Semi-automatic heaven and earth lid box making machine was put into production.

Began selling fully Auotmaitc case maker.

Automatic cover machine offline sales;

Automatic heaven and earth cover box making machine RB6040 began to sell;

Shanghai All India Exhibition 2005;

Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition.

Began to sell RB6040 Automatic rigid box maker.
Moved to ruian economic development Zonerenamed to zhejiang zhengrun.
Moved to Pingyang Found Wenzhou Zhengrun

National High-tech Enterprise

Began to develop and manufacture CX420 box wrapper

State Torch Program enterprise

Wenzhou name brand

Wenzhou Product R/D Center


CM540A Automatic case maker and RB420 Automatic rigid box maker


UK IPEX2014 exhibition.

Began to sell RB185 Automatic rigid box maker and HCM390 High speed case maker Began to build new workshop in Binhai high-tech park,Pingyang.


Sino-german Group holds the First International Paper Packaging All-round Forum (Shanghai Tianzen)


RB240 automatic rigid box making machine CR400 corner rounding machine


The 20th anniversary of Jeongrun.

Moved to garden-like factory in February.

Sino-german Group holds the second International Paper Packaging All-round Forum (Zhejiang Jinbao).


KL1300AS Cardboard cutter CMD540 Fully automatic case maker line.


The 3rd Zhongde Group Universal Paper Packaging Forum and Demonstration C onference was held in Zhengrun.

Mazak flexible production line was introduced.

Hexagon coordinate measuring instrument was introduced.


RB380 Automatic rigid box maker (double station)

Shanghai All India Exhibition 2020


Zhejiang Province as "special" small and medium-sized enterprises.

Beijing Big Print Exhibition 2021


JH3816 automatic wine box machine research and development successfully began to sell.

Automated total solution track.

We will comprehensively promote informatization and digital management.

Zhejiang manufacturing "product" standard certification enterprise.

Intelligent production line

Integrated boutique packaging solution provider Join hands with zhengrun to open a bew chapter on packaging


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We have the latest advanced processingequipment and international lean productionprocess, and strive to be the industry leader.

Q: What sets zhengrun apart in terms of product quality?
A: We use advanced technology and stringent quality control measures to ensure that our hard case molding machines consistently produce high quality, accurate and durable hard cases.
Q: Does the company hold any certifications or credentials that demonstrate its expertise in manufacturing hard case molding machines?
A: Yes, our company holds various certifications and qualifications, including ISO 9001 certification, which demonstrates our commitment to a quality management system. We also have a team of experienced engineers and technicians who contribute to our reputation as a trusted manufacturer.
Q: How does zhengrun provide after-sales support to our customers?
A: We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide comprehensive after-sales support. Our dedicated support team provides technical assistance, spare parts availability and training programs to ensure that our customers maximize the performance and longevity of our rigid box making machines.
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