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More Intelligent / Digital Adjustment / Apply To Various Boxes The cardboard box is pasted corners and formed, positioned onto the paper, pressed and wrapped. All processings are finished on one machine. It’s featured by its large size and deep fold-in, which is known as “the highest level” of automatic rigid box maker. It’s applicable to make high grade package boxes, such as the electric products box, shoe box, cosmetics box, shirt box, mooncake box, wine box, cigarette box, tea box etc.
Production Flow
Product advantage
  • Digital adjustment of sizesAdopt new design of servo and pneumatic control structure to wrap the box, fast digital adjustment of sizes
  • New servo controlled post-sucked type paper feederNew designed servo controlled paper feeder adopts post-sucked pre-pushing type to convey paper which efficiently avoids two pieces of papers entering into the machine
  • Line-touch designed copper scraperThe copper scraper cooperates with the glue roller by line-touch design which makes the scraper more durable
  • Concentrated lubrication systemThe concentrated oil system fully ensures each parts lubricated and the steady running of machine
  • Glue viscosity meterAuto glue viscosity meter efficiently adjusts the glue stickiness which ensures the quality of finished products
Box type
Technical Parameters
Model RB185
Box size(WxL) Min. 50x100mm Max.400x600mm
Paper wrap size(AxB) Min.120x250mm Max.610x850mm
Box height(H) 12-185mm
Turn in depth(R) 10-100mm
Cardboard thickness(T) 0.8-3mm
Paper thickness 100-200g/m2
Precision ±0.5mm
Speed up to 25pcs/min
Eletrical power 23.29kw/380v 3phase
Air supply 50L/min 0.6Mpa
Machine dimension(mm) L7000xW4100xH3600
Machine weight 6800kg
Paper Wrap Type 1/2/3
1. The Max. and Min. sizes of the boxes are subjected to the sizes and quality of the paper.
2. The speed of the machine depends on the sizes of the boxes.
3. We don’t provide air compressor.
  The corresponding relationship between the parameters: W+2H-4T≤C(Max) L+2H-4T≤D(Max) A(Min)≤W+2H+2T+2R≤A(Max) B(Min)≤L+2H+2T+2R≤B(Max)
Technical parameter diagram