Automatic Rigid Box Maker

Automatic Rigid Box marker is a good equipment for making high-grade boxes which is featured by fne design, reliable performances and international advanced technologies. It employs PLC, photoelectric detector system, hydraulic rectifying system, HMI to automatically finish feeding and gluing paper, conveying cardboard, forming and gluing four angles of cardboard, positioning and forming box in one time, instead of manual production, greatly improving the production effciency and quality of rigid boxes.

Maximum speed of


boxs / min

It is applicable to make high-grade boxes for cell phones, shoes, cosmetics, shirts, moon cakes, liquors, cigarettes, teas, etc.


1. Full automatic face paper feeder.

2. Hot melt adhesive automatic circulation, mixing and gluing system (glue viscosity system can be selected).

3. The hot melt adhesive tape automatic conveying and litting device can complete the corner pasting of the cardboard inner box at one time.

4. A vacuum suction fan is arranged below the conveyor belt to control the glued paper without relative deviation.

5. The hydraulic and pneumatic deviation correction device is adopted for the inner box of coated paper and paperboard, which can accurately position and fit with a ftting error of +0.3mm.

6. The carton forming section automatically collects the carton to the forming section according to the carton conveying
condition above the conveyor belt.

7. The continuous operation of the carton forming section includes box feeding, edging, ear folding and paper edge folding.

8. The whole machine adopts PLC control, photoelectric tracking system and touch screen human-machine interface to realize the automatic production process of one-time carton forming.

9. Automatic fault diagnosis alarm function.



Technical Parameters
Model RB6040
Box Size (WxL) Min.50×100mm Max.400×600mm
Paper Size (AxB) Min.95×180mm Max.610×850mm
Box Height (H) 12-150mm
Turn ln Depth (R) 10-35mm
Cardboard Thickness (T) 0.8-3mm
Paper Thickness 100-400g/m²
Precision ±0.3mm
Speed <35pcs/min
Motor Power 10kw/380v 3phase
Electric Heating Power 12kw
Air Supply 10L/min 0.6Mpa
Machine Dimension L6600×W4100×H3250 mm
Machine Weight 6800kg
Paper Wrap Type 1





1.The Max.and Min. sizes of the boxes are subjected to the sizes and quality of the paper.

2.The speed of the machine depends on the sizes of the boxes.

3.We don't provide air compressor.



The Corresponding Relationship Between The Parameters









System Features
Long Ear Folding Device(Optional)

Long Ear Folding Device(Optional)

It can fold the ear size 1/2 Width and 1 Width of box. [Widths100mm].

Mechanical Type Paper Feeder

Mechanical Type Paper Feeder

Adopt on-line mechanical type paper feeder with simple structure and steady running.

All Icons Control Panel

All Icons Control Panel

Friendly-designed all icons control panel, easy to understand and operate.

Hydraulic Rectifying Positioning Device

Hydraulic Rectifying Positioning Device

Adopt imported hydraulic rectifying system and photoelectric device for positioning. which efficiently improves the precision.

Auto Pasting Box Four Corners

Auto Pasting Box Four Corners

Adopt environment-friendly tape to paste the box cormers, which can paste four corners in one process with neat appearance.

Quality Disc Cam

Quality Disc Cam

Adopt durable alloy steel disc cams.


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