Rigid Box Wrapper

BF450 Rigid Box Wrapper is intelligent gift box wrapping machine for production of rigid boxes. It doesn't need to change folding blade nor pressure foam board. The machine can automatically adjust the specific size of box by computer, which greatly reduces the size changing time.

Maximum speed of


boxs / min

It is applicable to make packaging rigid boxes for phone cases, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, shirts, liquors, cigarettes, tea, sweets, candy, etc.


1.Main drive

Main drive adopts double servo driver, runs smoothly, wrapping flexibly, can adjust for various size of cardboard and paper thickness. Run in high stability. Can fold paper turn in deep depth, ranges 10- 90mm, flexibly adjust and no rebound.


2. Fully automatic control center

The whole machine is run by automatic control center, which ensures the accuracy and use life of the machine, advanced than our competitors.


3. Bubble pressing

Four sides pressing section adopts double guide rail and screws adjustment, accurately positioning, convenient adjustment, high efficient. Four side bubble pressing section has two times bubble pressing function. Adopts misplaced pressing board installation, no need customizes the pressing board for different size boxes which saves costs and mold setting time.


4. Ear folding section

Ear folding section adopts guide positioning, flexible spring, not easy to break paper and cardboard; quick and convenient adjustment, good performance. Machine can do 3 times folding.


5. Output device

Output device adopt mode of cylinder synchronous run, stable running. Take off box section adopts automatic air exchange and internal removal structure. Simple structure, convenient adjustment, it's suitable for small size box.


6. Helical gear transmission shaft

The helical gear drive spindle is stable, accurate, reliable, high output, long service life. The whole machine can realize the slow motion.


7. Emergency stop & Touch screen

The machine equipped with touchable emergency stop. And size adjustment can be adjusted by touch screen computer automatically, easy to adjust.


Technical Parameters
Model BF450
Case Size Min.50×70mm  Max.450×450mm
Box Height 10-120mm
Speed 18-25pcs/min
Motor Power 2.5kw/220v
Air Supply 0.8Mpa
Dimension L140o×W1200×H1900mm
Machine Weight 1000kg


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Q: What sets zhengrun apart in terms of product quality?
A: We use advanced technology and stringent quality control measures to ensure that our hard case molding machines consistently produce high quality, accurate and durable hard cases.
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