Cardboard Cutter

It is mainly used for cutting materials such as cardboard, industrial cardboard and grey cardboard, with high precision and fast production efficiency. It is an essential equipment for the production of hardcover book covers.

Maximum speed of


boxs / min

It is used to make hardcovers, notebook covers, desk calendars, hanging calendars, book-type boxes, files and rregular covers etc.


It Can automatically feed and glue paper, delivery and position cardboard,and fold four sides in one process; there are features of accurate and quick positioning, and beautiful finished products etc.





1. Large cardboard adopts manual propulsion, long cardboard adopts automatic feeding mode;

2. Servo propulsion feed, touch screen value setting, easy to adjust;

3. Pneumatic adjustment of press roll clearance, simple, convenient and fast operation;

4. Digital adjustment of cutting knife spacing,save time and effort;

5. CE standard safety cover;

6. Centralized lubrication system;

7. The new waste removal device can cut up the cardboard edge material and send it out of the machine through a small conveyor belt;

8. 2m receiving conveyor belt can be neatly stacked cut cardboard;


High efficiency: The KL1300A cardboard cutter machine uses advanced cutting tools and control systems, which enables it to cut cardboard quickly and accurately, improving production efficiency.

High automation: The KL1300A cardboard cutter machine has automatic feeding, cutting, and discharge functions, which can achieve a highly automated production process, reducing labor costs.

High cutting quality: The KL1300A cardboard cutter machine uses high-quality cutting tools and control systems, which can achieve high-precision cutting, ensuring cutting quality and dimensional accuracy.

Strong stability: The KL1300A cardboard cutter machine uses high-quality materials and stable structural design, which has a strong stability characteristic, allowing it to operate stably for a long time.

Simple operation: The KL1300A cardboard cutter machine adopts a user-friendly interface and simple and understandable operation process, making it easy for operators to use.

Wide application range: The KL1300A cardboard cutter machine can be used to cut various thicknesses of cardboard, card paper, grey board paper, etc., and is widely used in the packaging, printing, footwear, furniture, and other industries.




Technical Parameters
Model  FD-KL1300A
Cardoard width W<1300mm, L<1300mm
W1=100-900mm, W2≥55mm
Cardboard thickness  1-4mm
Speed  ≤60m/min
Cutting precision  ±0.1mm
Motor power  4kw/380v 3phase
Air supply  0.1L/min 0.6Mpa
Machine weight  1300kg
Machine dimension  L3260×W1815×H1225mm


System Features
Auto Board Feeder

Auto Board Feeder

It adopts bottom drawing type non-stop feeder, which is suitable for small size material cutting.

High Quality Round Knife

High Quality Round Knife

Using alloy material round knife, durable,effectively reduce wear and improve cutting efficiency.

Pneumatic Pressure Control Device

Pneumatic Pressure Control Device

Pneumatic pressure adjustment, conve-nient and fast, reduce the technical personnel on the machine operation requirements.

Ball Screw With Servo Motor

Ball Screw With Servo Motor

The feeder adopts servo motor and ball screw, which improves the accuracy and makes the adjustment easier.

Numerical knife adjustment

Numerical knife adjustment

Digital setting of knife spacing. according to the setting, the gauge automatically moves to the designated position, easy to adjust, no need to measure.

Waste Removal Device

Waste Removal Device

After the board is cut, the left and right wastes are automatically send to the crusher, and then conveyor belt send them out of machine, whichis simple and practical, and reduces the labor intensity


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