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Suitable for production of small quantity

1.Suitable for production of small quantity
2.Auailable to small and medium enterprises, featuring in a lower investment but a higher return.
3.More affordable and higher quality.
4.Only 2 operators, saving the cost of 2-3 workers.

Production Flow


Product advantage


  • Servo controlled rectifying device

    Adopt lengthwise photoelectric tracking and servo rectifying device for positioning, which efficiently improves the precision of products

  • L-type positioning device

    Adopt simply constructed L-type positioning device, which reduces the working strength and makes the work much easier.

  • Mechanical box gripping device

    Servo controlled mechanical box gripping device is easily adjusted

Technical Parameters
Box size(WxL) Min 100×50mm  Max 420×320mm
Paper wrap size(AxB) Min 100x200mmMax 580x800mm
Box height(h) 10-120mm
Turn in depth(R) 10-35mm
Cardboard thickness(T) 1~3mm
Paper thickness 100-200g/m2
Precision ±0.50mm
Speed up to 28pcs/min
Eletrical power 13.6kw/380v 3phase
Air supply 10L/min  0.6Mpa
Machine dimension L6800×W2800×H2500mm
Machine weight 2500kg


1. The Max. and Min. sizes of the boxes are subjected to the sizes and quality of the paper.
2. The speed of the machine despends on the sizes of the boxes.
3. We don’t provide air compressor.

7.The corresponding relationship between the parameters:
W+2H-4T≤C(Max) L+2H-4T≤D(Max)
A(Min)≤W+2H+2T+2R≤A(Max) B(Min)≤L+2H+2T+2R≤B(Max)

Technical parameter diagram