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  It adopts the way of splicing three pieces cardboard to assemble a box.And its forming process employs the hot melt glue spraying instead of the paper tape sticking.It not only save the materials, but also makes the end products much solid and beautiful.No tape traces appears on the surface of finished boxes.It has multi glue spray ways, such as the point-spraying, the line-spraying etc.Which is carrying out according to the requirements of boxes.
Production Flow 
Product advantage 
  • The high quality of cylindrical CAM?Using environmental protection fillet with carton corners fillet, a molding, product beautiful smooth;
Technical Parameters
Cardboard length(A) 80-350mm
Cardboard width(B) 80-550mm
Side of cardboard length(C) 80-400mm
Side of cardboard width(D) 20-200mm
Cardboard thickness(T) 1.5-5mm
Box size
Length(L) 100-350mm
Width(W) 100-400mm
Height(H) 20-230mm
Speed 25-45pcs/min
Glue barrel capacity 6kg
Air supply 300L/min 0.6Mpa
Electrical power 7kw/380V 3pase
Machine dimension 2200×2000×2500mm
Machine weight 1500kg