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European technology, Chinese manufacture, Well-accepted The cardboard box is pasted corners and formed, positioned onto the glued paper, pressed and wrapped. All processings are finished in one machine. It’s featured by its save-power, high speed, stability and profession of highly reliable quality. It’s applicable to make high grade package boxes, such as the electric products box, shoe box, cosmetics box, shirt box, mooncake box, wine box, cigarette box, tea box etc.
Production Flow
Product advantage
  • Mechanical post-sucked type paper feederAdopt on-line mechanical type paper feeder with simple structure and steady running
  • All icons control panelFriendly-designed all icons control panel, easy to understand and operate
  • Hydraulic rectifying positionling deviceAdopt Germany imported hydraulic rectifying system and Japanese Omron photoelectric device for positioning, which efficiently impreoves the precision
  • Auto pasting box four anglesAdopt environment-friendly tape to paste the box angles, which can paste four angles in one process with neat appearance
  • Quality disc camAdopt durable 38CrMoAI alloy steel disc cams
Box type
Technical Parameters
Model RB6040 RB6040A
Box size(WxL) Min. 50*100mm Max.400*600mm Min. 50*100mm Max.400*600mm
Paper wrap size(AxB) Min.120*250mm Max.610*850mm Min.120*250mm Max.610*850mm
Box height(H) 12-150mm 12-150mm
Turn in depth(R) 10-35mm 10-60mm
Cardboard thickness(T) 0.8-3mm 0.8-3mm
Paper thickness 100-200g/㎡ 100-200g/m2
Precision ±0.3mm ±0.5mm
Speed up to 35pcs/min 35pcs/min
Eletrical power 16.35kw/380v 3phase 16.35kw/380v 3phase
Air supply 10L/min 0.6Mpa 10L/min 0.6Mpa
Machine dimension L6600xW4100xH3250 L6600xW4100xH3250
Machine weight 6800kg 6800kg
Paper Wrap Type 1 1/2/3
  Remark: 1. The Max. and Min. sizes of the boxes are subjected to the sizes and quality of the paper. 2. The speed of the machine depends on the sizes of the boxes. 3. We don’t provide air compressor.   The corresponding relationship between the parameters: W+2H-4T≤C(Max) L+2H-4T≤D(Max) A(Min)≤W+2H+2T+2R≤A(Max) B(Min)≤L+2H+2T+2R≤B(Max)
Technical parameter diagram