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More energy-efficient / Low noise / More economical / More sophisticated The cardboard box is pasted corners and formed, positioned onto the paper, pressed and wrapped. All processings are finished in one machine. It’s applicable to make high grade small rigid boxes, such as jewelry box, ring box .
Production Flow
Product advantage
  • 01 Chromed glue rollNew Processed chromed glue roll makes the gluing evenly and thinly
  • 02 Paste four corners in one time Use environment-friendly tape to paste four corners,forming the box in one time with good appearance
  • 03 HD camera positioningHD camera positioning technology makes the operation easy and accurate
  • 04 Mechanical box gripper Adopt mechanical gripper to deliver the box.Its adjustment is simple and fast
  • 05 All icons control panel Friendly-designed all icons control panel,easy to understand and operate
Technical Parameters
Model RB240
Box size(WxL) Min. 35x45mm Max.160x240mm
Paper wrap size(AxB)  Min.45x110mm Max.305x450mm
Box height(H)  12-80mm
Turn in depth(R)  10-25mm
Cardboard thickness(T)  0.8-3mm
Paper thickness 80-160g/m2
Precision ±0.2mm
Speed up to Min.305*450mm Max.45*110mm
Electrical power 15.9kw/380v 3phase
Air supply 10L/min 0.6Mpa
Maximum size of the board  230*380mm
Cardboard thickness 0.5-3mm
Carton (finished product) dimensions  Min.35*45*10mm  Max.160*240*80mm
Fold in paper edge size  Min.8mm  Max.20mm
Speed up to  32pcs/min
Machine dimension  L4500xW4000xH3000
Machine weight  4000kg
Paper Wrap Type  1
  Remark: 1. The Max. and Min. sizes of the boxes are subjected to the sizes and quality of the paper. 2. The speed of the machine depends on the sizes of the boxes. 7.The corresponding relationship between the parameters: W+2H-4T≤C(Max) L+2H-4T≤D(Max) A(Min)≤W+2H+2T+2R≤A(Max) B(Min)≤L+2H+2T+2R≤B(Max)
  Technical parameter diagram