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Low investment brings high yields.
It saves the cost of 3 workers and returns the investment in one year.
Quality of automatic machine, faster speed.
1.It adopts PLC control and friendly HMI 2.Non-stop feeder feeding the cardboard. 3.Easy to change mold, suitable for different sizes of products 4.The hot-melting glue tape auto conveying, cutting and four-angles sticking, forming the box in one process. 5.Auto alarm when tapes run out.
Production Flow
Product advantage
  • Non-stop cardboard feederAdopt pre-stacking double platform design, which improves the production speed without stopping.
  • Auto pasting box four anglesAdopt environment-friendly tape to paste the box angles, which can paste four angles in one process with neat appearance.
Technical Parameters
Remark: The production capacity is 45 boxes per minute. But the speed of the machine depends on the sizes of the boxes
Technical parameter diagram